SGT-MOS application case in DC-DC conversion

JSAB JSAB 2021-11-02 12 479

The DC/DC converter transforms an input voltage into a fixed output voltage. It can be divided into three categories: step-up DC/DC converters, step-down DC/DC converters, and buck-boost DC/DC converters. Three types of control methods can be used according to their different requirements. The first one is the PWM control, which has high efficiency, good output voltage ripple and low noise. Even if the PFM control type is used for a long time especially in light load condition, PWM control has the advantage of low power consumption. The PWM/PFM control type functions different type according to load conditions. When the output is light load condition, it behaves like PFM control type. While output is heavy load, it automatically switches to the PWM control type. DC-DC converters are widely used in mobile phones, MP3, digital cameras, portable media players and other products. It belongs to the chopper circuit in the circuit type classification.


Product test results:

JSAB model: JMM4716+JMM4812N

Working frequency: 400kHz

Output current: 20A


Thanks to the advanced SGT-MOS design, JSAB Technologies' SGT-MOS can achieve lower Ciss+Coss, and the system efficiency can be better improved under high-frequency PWM working conditions.

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